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  • Courtney Day, ND 2019

Courtney Day, ND 2019

Courtney Day, ND

Portland, OR
Naturopathic Doctor
Restorative Health Clinic

Title of Talk: "Unraveling Complex Clinical Cases - Treatment Approach to Polymicrobial Infections in Patients with Morgellons Disease and Evidence of Vector Diversity


Morgellons Disease cases can be quite diverse and complex in physical, mental and emotional symptomatology with variable disease progression and treatment response between patients. Although there are consistent physical findings and vector borne pathogens associated with this disease, there is also variation between patients, which can lead to further controversy, confusion and lack of understanding regarding the pathological etiology and approach to treatment. Dr. Courtney Day will discuss the various clinical presentations and diagnosable pathological etiologies associated with the symptoms and treatment response in patients presenting to her clinical practice near Portland, Oregon. Naturopathic and functional medicine treatment approaches will be discussed in addition to conventional treatments for associated infectious etiologies. Case review will include discussion of evidence suggesting vector diversity for pathogen transmission.


Dr. Courtney Day is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor treating Morgellons Disease patients in her clinical practice in Portland, Oregon. Prior to deciding on her path to become a holistic physician, Dr. Day earned her bachelors of science degree in Microbiology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo where she studied medical microbiology and biotechnology. Shortly after finishing her undergraduate degree, she started to develop symptoms of Morgellons Disease but was dismissed by her dermatologist when she reported painful, slow healing, recurrent skin lesions and presented photographs of multicolored filaments protruding from within the lesions and surrounding skin.

Despite having just graduated with a microbiology degree, she could not find explanations for what she was observing in any medical text or recent microbiology literature. Eventually she uncovered the term “Morgellons Disease”, coined by microbiologist Mary Leitao in 2002, who had described the same phenomenon in her son. About a decade later, research presented at the Charles E. Holman Foundation conference in 2012 associated the disease with spirochetal infections, despite the conclusions of the CDC study published the same year stating that the disease was not associated with any infectious etiology. At that point in her healing journey, Dr. Day had already improved her health substantially with nutrition, detoxification support, herbal medicine, acupuncture and antimicrobial therapies, which she continued throughout her education at the Natural University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She began her clinical practice in 2015, focusing on integrative and restorative therapies, especially in regards to Morgellons Disease and persistent Lyme Disease Complex, using her medical training, personal experience and evidence based research to help guide her practice.