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  • Eboni Cornish, MD

Eboni Cornish, MD

Eboni Cornish, MD

Medical Advisory Board
Leesburg, VA
Five Stones Integrative Functional Medicine


Completing her training in Family Medicine at Georgetown University in February of 2011, Dr. Cornish graduated from Brown University undergraduate Phi Beta Kappa and Brown University medical school. She joined Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia with a passion for managing the challenges facing patients dealing with complex medical conditions.

As a Howard Hughes Medical Fellow, Dr. Cornish conducted translational research at the National Human Genome Research Institute of NIH. She was an apprentice in the laboratory of Francis Collins, M.D Ph.D. the current director of NIH. Under his leadership, she analyzed genetic associations of chronic illnesses.


Topic: Environmental Toxins and Morgellons Disease

In this presentation we will review case presentations of patients diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease. We will discuss the multiple toxicities linked with Lyme Disease including biotoxin illness, heavy metal exposure, detoxification imbalances and gastrointestinal disturbances.