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Ginger Savely, DNP

Ginger Savely, DNP

San Francisco, CA

Completing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Case Western University (March 16, 2009). Having seen over 300 Morgellons patients in her practice, Dr. Savely’s experience has become world renown.

Topic: “A Descriptive Analysis of 122 Patients with Visualized Subcutaneous Fibers”

Summary: Ms. Ginger Savely spoke of her experiences treating Morgellons. She noted the common history and physical findings of Morgellons in many Lyme positive patients coming to her for care. As one of the few clinicians who believes in the reality of Morgellons and has published about the disease, she has attracted a large number of Morgellons patients to her practice. Indeed, she likely has seen and treated more patients with Morgellons than any other clinical health care provider. Ms. Savely shared a number of her observations about the disease and her treatment experiences, emphasizing each patient is unique and may require treatment tailored to that individual’s needs.

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