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Atlanta, Ga. – August 17, 2007 – The Morgellons community held a rally at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta at 10:00 AM EDT. The CDC’s Morgellons Task Force as well as their Public Relations Department were invited but were obviously far too busy to attend, considering the short notification provided. Approximately forty (40) Morgellons patients, supporters and sympathizers were on hand to hear speeches from Dr. Gregory V. Smith and Cindy G. Casey, RN.

All participants were issued white “No D.O.P.” tee-shirts and most carried signs with slogans aimed at the CDC’s position and posture on the issues of Morgellons Disease. After speeches and interviews with the local CBS affiliate and CNN, the group marched across Clifton Road for a photo op on the hallowed grounds of the world’s premier health department.

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Many thanks to our dear friend Kelly Pickens in Atlanta for bringing this together..!