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Documentary On Morgellons Disease Airing Soon In Japan

Documentary on Morgellons Disease Airing Soon in Japan

Mid December marked completion of three weeks of all day and many nights of filming for a documentary on Morgellons Disease soon to air in Japan. The award winning film crew made their way to the U.S. from Tokyo first in mid October spending three weeks interviewing Morgellons patients, clinicians and scientists as potential candidates for roles in the documentary. This initial trip also served as a location hunt for the actual filming to take place. Months of preparation on the complex and controversial topic of Morgellons preceded the actual visits. The Japanese film crew has taken a far more in-depth look at Morgellons than any other media team to date and we anxiously anticipate an incredible documentary as the result. This crew is highly honored having received an award for best documentary at the New York Film Festival in 2005. The creativity, sensitivity and compassion exhibited by this team has far surpassed any U.S. film crew who has dared approach this unusually controversial medical topic.

We are excited to announce that the program is tentatively scheduled to air on January 29, 2012 on Fuji Television Network in a program titled “Science Mystery” during prime time on Japanese television. We have been promised a DVD (in English) which will be mailed from Japan once the program has aired. We will be kept informed on the ratings and the reactions from Japanese viewers. This program marks the first ever coverage of the Morgellons topic in Asia and we hope it will make a huge impact on it’s viewing audience. The CEHF will strive to make the film available to as many as possible outside of Japan but our usage of this documentary will be limited by it’s owner, Fuji Television Network. We do have permission to show the film at our annual conference in Austin but unfortunately we will not be allowed to make this available to all on the web. This will be yet another great reason to attend this year’s medical conference on Morgellons so we hope to see you there!

Our thanks is extended to all who participated in this project. Special thanks goes out to the patients who allowed the film crew to step into the privacy of their lives to make this film possible. Randy Farrell, Gayla Conner, and Cindy Casey were the patients who bared their souls and skin for the film crew both day and night to make this documentary. We are grateful to the clinicians and scientists for their participation and contribution of time and expertise to this project including Rhonda Casey, D.O., Marianne Middelveen, Microbiologist, Ginger Savely, DNP, Raphael Stricker, MD, Amelia Withington, MD and Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.

Our hope is that this too will be an award winning documentary and our thanks goes out the talented film crew as well as the Fuji Television Network for their diligence, patience and hard work in creating this documentary and for reaching out to the CEHF as a conduit and as a source for credible Information on Morgellons Disease.

We will keep you updated on the program as the information becomes available to us. Bookmark our website and please stay tuned for coming attractions!