Denise Moudree


Denise was diagnosed with Morgellons in September of 2011. Like so many others with Morgellons, she had seen an extensive number of doctors prior to her Morgellons diagnosis looking for medical answers. She has a sister who is a medical doctor who does not understand Lyme and refuses to read the peer reviewed scientific studies. Unable to continue her career due to her worsening symptoms, she knows what many others with Morgellons have to overcome. She volunteers with the Charles E Holman Foundation, answering daily email requests for information, and with the Oregon Lyme Disease Network.


Topic: Never Say Whoa in a Mudhole

This covers many aspects of Morgellons from the patient point of view. Will talk in terms patients can understand and help them to navigate their recovery. Includes many of her own pictures of unusual fibers, “goop, guck and stuff” in black, yellow, orange, white, brown, etc. Address how to know if your treatment is working. Help to ease the panic that patients often experience. Explains some common tests and how to understand them.