Eva Sapi, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board
New Haven, CT
Professor & Department Chair of Biology and Environmental Science
University of New Haven


Dr. Sapi received her PhD degree in Genetics from the University of Eotvos Lorand (Budapest Hungary). She is a Professor at the University of New Haven where she teaches graduate biology courses and carries out research with her graduate students. In the last several years UNH Lyme disease research group, has identified an alarming increase in the co-infection rate in deer ticks, including discovery of novel co-infections such microfilarial nematode species. Her recent studies investigate the different forms of Borrelia burgdorferi to better understand how Borrelia can hide from the immune system as well as from antimicrobial therapies. Her recent research shows that Borrelia burgdorferi is capable forming a protective layer around itself – called biofilm – which could render it to be very resistant to antibiotics and provide a logical explanation as to why extensive antibiotic treatment for patients with a tick-bite history could fail.

In 2012, Eva Sapi, PhD along with her collaborating group of graduate level students joined the team of research scientists working on DNA testing on Morgellons Disease specimens.


Multiple infectious agents in skin tissues from Morgellons patients

In this lecture, evidence of multiple pathogenic species form skin tissues from Morgellons patients will be provided from data generated using whole genome sequencing, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and polymerase chain reaction methods.