Ginger R. Savely, MEd, MSN, DNP

CEHMDF Medical Advisor
Washington, DC
Compassionate Care of Tick borne Diseases

Title of Talk: :”Morgellons Disease: 16 Years on the Front Lines”


The speaker’s 16 years of clinical experience with Morgellons disease has been an evolving learning process. She will take you through her experience treating over 1000 Morgellons disease patients – what she has learned and how her understanding has evolved.


Dr. Ginger Savely is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate Degree in Nursing Practice from Case Western Reserve University where she was honored with the Dean’s Legacy Award for her research on Morgellons disease. She is considered to be one of the top experts in the United States on the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases and is the nation’s leading clinical expert on Morgellons disease.

Dr. Savely was one of the first people in the world to advocate for Morgellons disease and to assert that the disease was not psychiatric but infectious in nature. Her book, “Morgellons: The Legitimization of a Disease”, was released in November 2016 and is available on Amazon and also at this conference.