Greg Smith, MD, FAAP

Gainesville, GA
CEHMDF Associate Director/ Medical Advisor

Title of Talk: “Morgellons Disease: Where we were, Where we are and Where we’re trying to go”


When the CEHMDF was formed, the cause and treatment of Morgellons was a mystery. Through the efforts of dedicated research students and medical practitioners, we now know Morgelllons is associated with Lyme disease. We also know both the skin lesions and the systemic symptoms improve or go away with appropriate treatment for Lyme infection. Our greatest challenge now will be changing the attitudes of the medical establishment about this disorder. Education both of the public and medical practitioners will hopefully end in better medical care for patients with Morgellons.


Dr. Greg Smith practiced General Pediatrics for 28 years before becoming disabled by the systemic and neurological symptoms of Morgellons Disease. He has been active in the Morgellons “movement” advocating for research, recognition of Morgellons Disease as a unique pathology and, eventually, a treatment and cure of this affliction. He worked with the Morgellons Research Foundation for 2 years, and then, was one of the founders of The Charles E. Holman Foundation. Dr. Smith continues to serve with The CEHMDF as the Associate Director and as a member of the Medical Advisory Panel.