Norihito Onishi, D.O.


Norihito Onishi, D.O. is a graduate of Western University of Health Science in Pomona, California.. Dr Onishi was originally trained as a Family Physician and worked in rural West Virginia for 6 years. Since then he has opened his own office in Southwest Pennsylvania focusing on the care of patients with chronic diseases and complicated medical presentations. He also has Integrative Medicine training.

A member of ILADS, Dr. Onishi was originally not supportive of those with reported Morgellons Disease. However he learned about Morgellons through multiple research presentations at ILADS meetings, literature from the Charles E Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation’s exhibit booth at the ILADS conference in 2015 and 2016 and from reading peer reviewed literature on the topic.

In his spare time, Dr. Onishi is a semi professional whitewater kayaker.


Topic: Morgellons and LDA therapy

One case study of a Morgellon’s patient: A patient is administered Low-Dose Antigen treatment (LDA). It is used to treat environmental, food and chemical allergies as a possible treatment course. Low Dose Antigen treatment may be useful as an adjunctive therapy in combination with antimicrobial agents and other therapies.