Ronald Wilson, MD

Denton, Texas
Private Practice


After graduating from Harvard University in 1968 Dr. Wilson obtained a Masters in Immunology and Bacteriology from the U. Utah. After medical school at the U. of Utah, he finished his residency in OBGYN and moved his family to Denton Tx where he practiced OB for 31 years delivering over 6000 babies. In 2004 he finally obtained a diagnosis of Lyme disease for his wife and congenital Lyme for his 3 children. Congenital Lyme was passed to two grandchildren. They were treated by Dr. Burrascano and did achieve remission. Because of this, he became very interested in Lyme, has attended yearly ILADS conferences, two preceptorships with Lyme experts, and began to diagnose and treat Lyme and associated infections since, exclusively since 2011. He has recently been made the President of the ILADS Educational foundation, arranging educational science meetings and supporting physicians’ training in Lyme. He also became interested in Morgellons as several of his patients presented with this condition complicating their Lyme. He is honored to be asked to speak at this conference and support efforts to understand Morgellons.



This presentation will debunk the myths from IDSA and CDC surrounding Lyme disease and Morgellons. What is real, what is nonsense, what is contrived. The Lyme Wars continue. Morgellons is just heating up!