T.J. Dunn Jr. DVM

Rhinelander, WI


Dr. Dunn graduated from the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, in 1970. During his career as a small animal practitioner he owned and operated 3 animal hospitals and a retail pet food and supply store.

He is licensed to practice in Wisconsin and Florida and for the past 22 years has worked as an independent contractor in more than 25 different animal health care facilities. He created one of the first Internet veterinary medical websites called ThePetCenter.com which was purchased by PetFoodDirect.com. He served as Director of Veterinary Services managing several veterinarians answering pet owners’ online pet care questions and advised the directors on small animal health care issues.

For 4 years he wrote a monthly dog health care column in Dog World Magazine and has written numerous articles for online and print publications. He continues practicing small animal medicine and surgery in Florida and Wisconsin.



I will present 6 to 8 images of the canine patient in which I discovered Morgellons fibers in a chronic crusty lesion at the toe pad-skin junction. There will be a brief intro where I state how my attention was brought to the skin lesion and the serendipitous (and fortuitous) events that made me think of Morgellon fibers. Planned length of presentation will be 15 minutes. I will state that I will be available any time at the conference to discuss any insights to be shared with the attendees.