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Help Us Make a Difference. Let's Stop Morgellons Disease Together.

We can imagine a world without Morgellons; can you? There are many ways to help support our efforts to stop Morgellons Disease, even if you cannot afford to give financially. Tell us your Morgellons story, organize a fundraiser, and host a support meeting or anything else you can think of to help!

You may notice that this section is a bit different than the rest of our website. We are trying to show the more personal side of Morgellons Disease by providing some humor and inspiration, along with ways to interact with us to spread your Morgellons-related message.

This portion of our site is the inspiration of Patti Nash who is well known for her work with Morgellons patients and support groups far and wide. She is also the author of several documents which helped form the very foundation of the CEHF.

If you have a contribution you would like to submit, contact us today!

Many thanks to all of you who have so generously told your story, sent in pictures, or contributed to this noble cause in any way. We certainly appreciate your support and efforts to assist in getting the word out about Morgellons Disease.

We have all been working on the subject of Morgellons for some years now. Some of us came from other organizations; many were working independently on the cause. The idea of unity for everyone who has this disease was important to all of us. The lack of unity, within the ranks of this noble cause, was really quite simple: Most everyone who has Morgellons can tell you exactly when they acquired the disease and many will also tell you precisely how it was delivered. Therein lies the ‘problem’… the ‘bug people’ weren’t talking to the ‘chemtrailers’, nor were the ‘nematoders’ speaking to the ‘fungus folk’. Then there’s the ‘bacterio-eos’ who couldn’t possibly address the ‘stealth viral-iers’; as well the ‘bio-terror-ians’ would not even acknowledge the ‘colembol-ians’… what a mess..! Our concept is simple: We want the research done and for mainstream science to make the ‘call’.

And we don’t want to hear any more “We know what it is..! Beyond a shadow of a doubt..!!” without some form of scientific evidence.

We have been talking and talking and it seemed nobody was listening. As a result, we began talking a little louder, and we noticed that we were being met with opposition – sometimes fierce opposition.

We were talking about Morgellons, this new unrecognized disease that has devastated thousands of patients. Those listening began vehemently opposing us at every turn. We have been calling for investigative research of the thousands of Morgellons cases reported each year. The very ones that we were counting on for help and the ones that we were counting on to listen to our pleas, were listening, but help was not offered. In fact, the very ones in a position to assist began instead to oppose. What has resulted is an organized force that attempts to knock us down and works to discredit any progress that we make in the recognition of a disease that thousands are affected by each and every day. In an effort to overthrow that dark force, the CEHF uses the very words of those who would stand in our way to point out the absurdity of their opposition.