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Morgellons Conference 2008

Morgellons Conference 2008

Scientific/Medical Conference on Morgellons
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Dr. Raphael Stricker reviewed a brief history of his involvement with Morgellons and compared the situation to the early years of the AIDS epidemic. He reviewed some of the clinical aspects of the disease and his belief that Agrobacterium species may be involved in some manner in the disease process.

Thus far, research by Dr. Vitaly Citovski, Stony Brook Research Institute, has found PCR evidence of Agrobacterium in tissue samples of all Morgellons patients tested. No evidence of the presence of Agrobacterium has been found in the control tissue samples.

I believe it should be noted that Agrobacterium has the ability to insert its DNA into a variety of plant species, and has recently been noted to be the only known species of microbe capable of infiltration of the DNA of not only plant species, but animal species as well.

Ms. Ginger Savely, FNP-C, then spoke of her experiences treating Morgellons. She noted the common history and physical findings of Morgellons in many Lyme positive patients coming to her for care.

As one of the few clinicians who believes in the reality of Morgellons and has published about the disease, she has attracted a large number of Morgellons patients to her practice. Indeed, she likely has seen and treated more patients with Morgellons than any other clinical health care provider.

Ms. Savely shared a number of her observations about the disease and her treatment experiences, emphasizing each patient is unique and may require treatment tailored to that individual’s needs.

Dr. Randy Wymore, research scientist with Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa, presented an overview of his interest in the disease and some of the facts discovered in his research efforts.

As the fibers seemingly produced in the body of Morgellons patients seem unique, much of Dr. Wymore’s research has focused on them. To date, exactly what the fibers represent and their role in the disease process is unknown. What is known is mostly what the fibers are NOT. They are not of textile origin, as has been assumed in the past. Not only did a forensic analysis by a textile expert with the Tulsa, OK, PD fail to match the fibers with the FBI fiber database,other research revealed the fibers do not have the characteristics of textile fibers. One example is that the fibers do not dissolve in any of the common laboratory chemicals generally used to dissolve material in preparation for chemical analysis!

Dr. Greg Smith then discussed the fact that Morgellons is not just an odd skin disease, but a multi-system disorder with a profound impact on the health and life of infected patients. He stressed the importance of emphasizing this to health care practitioners and the media as the systemic impact is profound and it is all too easy to focus only on the bizarre skin symptoms thus failing to understand the true impact this disease has on individual patients.

Dr. Smith noted the high proportion of psychiatric illnesses in Morgellons patients which occurred after the initial skin symptoms and were not present prior to the illness. He noted this pattern of mental illnesses along with the failure of many dermatologists to do complete, appropriate medical evaluations of Morgellons patients has led to poor medical care for many patients. He related a story from his medical school days which taught him several valuable lessons for his practice. First, never make assumptions. Second, crazy people get sick, too! Their mental problems should never cause health care providers to dismiss or fail to investigate their complaints.

Before the lunch break, the group was entertained by Mr. Lee Mounger. Lee is a professional musician and was a friend of Charles Holman for 30 years. He performed several songs written by himself and Charles Holman.

Lee’s musicical performance was a moving tribute to one of the strongest advocates for Morgellons patients lost to us because of a myocardial infarction last September 6.

After the lunch break a video presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Rasmussen was shown. Unfortunately, due to health issues, Dr. Rasmussen was unable to attend in person.

Dr. Rasmussen’s presentation revealed some of her findings about Dermatology research and training.

Harriett Bishop, current President of the Texas Lyme Disease Association spoke of living with Morgellons. She discussed her own illness and the major impact on her life. As she learned to live with the illness, she became a survivor with a message!

Her emphasis on spirituality and a positive attitude was moving and inspirational. Her example and message should be guidelines for life for anyone with a chronic disease!

Mark Darrah presented some of his research including a number of Scanning Electron Microscopy images as well as high resolution light camera images. I believe many Morgellons patients will appreciate his images as in some instances they will see examples similar to those they’ve viewed with their home microscopes, but with awesome detail and clarity.

Mr. Darrah’s main research interest is the “goo” of Morgellons lesions. This almost glue-like exudate from open Morgellons lesions seems to have qualities very different from the normal weeping secretions from skin abrasions. Mark believes understanding of this material will be vital to understanding the disease process.

The last speaker of the day was Mr. David Gibbs, MS, CDRP. Mr. Gibbs is a patient advocate and representative for Social Security disability claims.

Mr. Gibbs reviewed the process of applying for disability with Social Security, including some of the difficulties and challenges of the process. He encouraged anyone beginning the application process to seek professional help to maximize their chances of a speedy and positive outcome.

At Conference closing all the speakers participated in a lively question and answer session.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our speakers and guests and all the wonderful people who worked behind the scenes to make this first Morgellons Conference a huge success.

  • The Charles E. Holman Foundation (CEHF), aka The New Morgellons Order, is dedicated to the recognition of Morgellons as a true illness and to encouraging valid scientific research to understand the disease, develop treatments for it, and eventually find a cure.
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