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Morgellons Research Update December 2005

Morgellons Research Update December 2005

December 1, 2005

Progress during the past two months has been slowed due to the loss of the research associate who was assisting in the day-to-day experiments on the samples from individuals with Morgellons disease. The search for a replacement scientist is ongoing and the position should be filled during December.

Culturing of bacteria from the submitted samples has continued and thus far no novel bacteria have been identified. The culture conditions and media have recently been expanded to encourage the growth of bacteria that might not grow under the previously tried conditions.

Spectroscopy of the fibers is continuing The biochemist who is performing these analyses will notify the Morgellons Research Foundation when the data collection is completed and the testing has been repeated. At that time an update will be provided to describe the results of the fiber composition experiments.

Since the last update, submitted samples have been received that included: scabs, loose fibers, matted masses of fibers, blood, dried skin, flecks, nasal and bronchial secretions and specimens that are do not fit into any easily described category. These samples have come from locations in: California, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and a few unidentified locations. Some of these samples have already been examined and others have been stored in refrigerators or freezers for future use.

An informational, research seminar was given at the Oklahoma State University, Center for Health Sciences on November 18, 2005. This seminar has led to productive discussions regarding future research objectives into the cause of Morgellons Disease. Participants in these discussions have included: physicians, nurses, immunologists, microbiologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, psychologists, histologists, neurobiologists, parasitologists and physiologists. In the near-term, a look into the possibility of blood-based pathogens will be continued and expanded. Goals for this winter will include a proposal for collection of samples directly from Morgellons sufferers, in a controlled clinical setting, for formal analysis.

Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology
Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Sciences and
College of Osteopathic Medicine
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