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7th Annual Conference Is Just Around the Corner - Register Today

We're happy to announce that registration is now open for the 7th Annual Medical - Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease! 

The 2-day conference will cover key topics and latest findings in research, laboratory and clinical aspects of Morgellons Disease. Our ultimate goal is to provide physicians and other medical practitioners with insight into recent developments in the understanding of Morgellons Disease as well as bring researchers, medical professionals and patients together to exchange information, ideas and scientific data.

Register now to take advantage of early-bird prices >>

As most of you know, The Charles E. Holman Foundation and Dr. Eva Sapi at the University of New Haven have teamed up for Phase 2 of our partnership to raise awareness of Morgellons Disease and bring it to the forefront of the medical community’s attention. 

We are so close to reaching our $10,000 goal and need your support to raise the remaining amount. We will present the most recent findings at the 7th Annual Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease in March.

Learn more about our partnerships and donate today >>

“Our organization exists to play an integral role in spreading the understanding of Morgellons Disease to others.”

Charles “Chas” Holman