February is officially the first ever Morgellons Disease Awareness Month! It comes at a great time because Charles’s birthday is February 12 (what a way to celebrate him!) and the documentary film, Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons launches their Kickstarter campaign today. The foundation, president Cindy Casey, and many other members have an active role in this film and we hope you will support it. Director Pi Ware and his team are committed to raising awareness and creating empathy by sharing our stories.

Check out the new trailer and support the Kickstarter campaign for Skin Deep here:



Our annual conference brings patients, physicians and scientists together from all over the world to discuss the very latest in Morgellons research and treatment. 
This conference is open to the public so invite your family members and friends so they can begin to understand what you're going through. We have an exciting agenda planned this year and we hope to see you in Austin!  

Early Bird Conference registration opens February 1st.