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The Pets of Morgellons

Hi, my name is Sugar Baby Angel. I am a CKC registered Jack Russell Terrier and I have Morgellons Disease. My masters are Judy and Greg Smith, and they also have this disease. They took me to the vet and he’s a real smart guy who sees that something is going on – he saw the fibers coming out of my paws… my paws itch like crazy..!

My mom is gonna hook up my vet with some other veterinarians who have seen this disease in animals. Hopefully they can get together with Dr. Wymore and figure out what’s happening. Not just for me, but for all of us who have Morgellons… pets and masters too..!

I hope none of you ever get this… it makes me and my masters really tired alot of the time and these fibers are not fun at all..! I’ll be coming back to add to my story from time to time, so please let us know you’re out there and that you support us and the research at OSU.

Okay, here’s the deal… I’m Quigleyetta Poinsetta Feathers-Casey-Holman, aka, QP Doll Face, Qwig, Qwiggy, Dollie, (and others)… I’ve been appointed to be the Moderator of this Pet Forum (my dad is making me do this… not my Natural Hatch Dad… my adoptive dad..!) My “masters”, as my friend Sugar Baby puts it, are Cindy Casey and that ‘Chazman’ guy, Chas Holman.

My mom, Cindy, has Morgellons Disease and my dad is really hell bent on getting her cured. By the way, I’m all for that too..! I don’t have this crazy disease… but I know that it is real. I have watched my mom’s health deteriorate over the past six years and it makes me very sad. So, I don’t mind so much doing this (even though my ‘dad’ is making me) because: I want my mom to be better..!!!

Not unlike Sugar Baby, I too hope none of you ever get this… it makes me very angry to hear about all of the dermatologists’ ridiculous diagnoses. So I too will be coming back to add to my story from time to time, and, like Sugar Baby said: Please let us know you’re out there and that you support us and the research at OSU…!

Would someone PLEASE call UCSF…!

Ask for the Dermatology Department.

I need them to tell my Vet about this

Una-Boot therapy..!

– Puss N. Boots

Hey there everybody!

My name is Ika. I have been named Ika (the Japanese snack of dried cuttlefish) because my best friend/mommy found it hilarious that my favorite snack is ika, which incidentally happens to be her favorite invertebrate. Typically I am full of chaotic energy, however lately I have been feeling quite lethargic and VERY itchy. My best friend/mommy thinks that she gave me her skin condition, and she is so very SAD. I think she is even more sad that she passed it on to me than the fact that she has it covering her entire face. My only hope is that the two of us will get well again so we can play like we used to. =)

Yeah, but have you tried the salt bath soaks..?

– Kitt E. Katt


Allright..! I am Admin..! And I want to know what’s going on here. I’m surely not the only one who is wondering why all these Felines are joining this forum.

I’ve PM’d you about this three times, Sugar Baby, and if I find out that you’re behind this You will be banned from this forum… FOR GOOD..! I know you’re “in” with ’em ’cause I know you’re daddy has one as pet of his own. For pete’s sake, I’m Avian…!

– Qwig

I had nothing to do with all the cats on this page! I have to deal with felines at my home constantly. My people have seven of them, for goodness sakes! Why would I want to be surrounded by them in cyberspace as well?

Anyway, don’t blame anything happening on this site on me when it’s YOUR DAD who’s in control!


Hi, I’m Brians’ dog K-Lee, I’m going to be 2 years old this August.

Since I was 4 months old I have dealt with the same thing my Dad has been dealing with, MORGELLONS. Life has been hard, but with all the hard work good people are doing to help fight this, soon my only worries will be…..

“Go get the birds..!!”

— K-Lee —


Okay there, Sug…. guess I ‘flew’ off the handle (hey, I’m avian).
Still don’t understand all the ‘feline’ involvement…. but ‘not your fault’.
I’ve PM’d you an apology, so let’s just act like it didn’t happen, okay?

And ‘welcome’ to the forum, K-Lee… “bird-dog” are you…? Jeez-louise…! If the damn cats weren’t enough to drive me nuts Now I gotta look out for the likes of YOU…!

– Qwig

This is our ‘Happy Face” which we pretty much had all the time BM (dat’s Before Morgellon’s)

My paws itch and I have sticky funky things coming outta the corners of my eyes, and those terribly itchy “Hot Spots” YEOW !!! If my mom makes me wear one of those space suit lookin plastic collars ever again so I cant scratch…? why… I’ll…. run in circles til I’m dizzy and fall down !! Yeah – that’ll teach her !!

I sure hope we both get some help for this condition soon, so my mom (her name’s Misha) can show her bright smiling face again too !!!

Thanks for your help – JAZZY

Hi we are two of the sweetest Bloodhounds sickened with Morgellons…our names are Bearsdley and AnnaBelle. My mommy takes very good care of us and gives us EXTRA loving to help us through this disease…..Beardsley gets terrible rash like lesions on his skin that mommy takes care of with sponge baths and lots of loving my ears need cleaning a lot and I lick my forearms……AnnaBelle suffers with constant licking of her privates and forearm licking and biting at unseen parasites as neither of us have allergies OR fleas OR any normal explaination given to us by our vets and both suffer from granular bits just like mommies coming from our eyes all the time….our VETS just didn’t know about MORGELLONS and how it effects us animals too…. We sure are good sports being sickened with this disease….thank goodness it hasn’t effected our appitites and we eat really good….our mommy takes extra special care of us and more lovings than we could ask for…..we feel sorry for the animals that don’t get that special attention because no one knows that we are suffering also…..The animals in this world must not be forgotten in this maddness called MORGELLONS…..

— Beardsley —


Looks like I’m a little behind in my moderator duties.

So, yeah, Miss Sticky… that don’t look very cool.

And Jazzy – if you make the run… I’ll see you in Tahlequah…!

And ‘welcome’ to the forum, Beardsley and AnnaBelle. Do you guys like to chase cats..?

And as far as you ‘spies’ go, well, if you keep loggin’ in as ‘Guest’ or ‘Just Me’

I will LOCK THIS FORUM DOWN..! That’s right, registered members only..!

So knock off the crap…! Felines…! Jheeezzzhh..!!!

– Qwig

Wednesday Meryl is my name. As anyone who knows me can tell you, “To see her is to know her mood,” as I have developed emotional expressiveness to a high art form. Right now, I’m not thrilled to be having my picture taken (like many other senior citizens). At least this is one of the better recent pictures of me. Pictures of my Morgellons lesions, on the other hand may be posted on the Images site soon. My adoptive (human) father and I suffered from Morgellons for many years and my two adoptive canine brothers have it now as well. Our veterinarian is a smart and caring doctor. Maybe he can’t figure this all out by himself, but at least he hasn’t labeled us as “delusional”! We all need help and relief from this terrible illness.

Wednesday Meryl

Hi, there folks, my name is Sunshine and I’m about three years old. I’m a Dobie-Rottweiler mix and I weigh in around 100 lbs., so I guess I sometimes tend to intimidate. My mom’s name is Sunny and I’m so glad her family rescued me (I had it rough as a pup). Even though mom didn’t want to give me her disease, she knew I would be better off with her. And with her nickname being “Sunny” and here I was named “Sunshine” – we both felt this was more than a coincidence. It still took awhile for me to edge my way into my heart, but now I’m actually sleeping on the foot of mom’s bed.

Well, mom’s worst fears have come true – and I started showing signs of Morgellons last year. Mom treats me with the sulfur meds and frequent baths, we call ’em “getting the itchies off”. I love bath days and sleep so peacefully on those nights. So far, I’m doing fairly well. But my paws have just begun to bother me.

Love, Sunshine


Hello, dogs, and welcome to the Morgellons Pet Forum. So, it’s ‘Wednesday Meryl’, eh..? As in ‘Streep’….? Thought I saw a bit of a ‘Drama Queen’ look in that pose of yours…

And Sunshine – 100 lbs., you say, wow…! Yeah, that’s ‘intimidating’. I may not say it much, but I’m always glad to see new ‘canine’ members.

It’s not that I have anything against cats… I just HATE ’em…!!

They scare the bejesus outa me..! Even more than snakes.!

Anyway, I am sorry about you two having this… it ain’t good

– Qwig


How you like this one?


P.S. one of these days they’ll leave that cage door open…. he, he, he..!


Allright..! That does it…!

This anti-avian crap has gone way too far and, as Admin of this Forum, I have to put my talon down…!

First off, Calico… you are BANNED from this board – FOR ALL NINE OF YOUR LIVES..! You really showed your tri-color nature with this little stunt. This is just the kind of ‘feline feces’ that is NOT welcome on this forum..!

And secondly, due to the rash of incidents lately, exhibiting the unpredictable behavior of these ‘Purring Perverts’, I have no choice but to restrict access to this forum… IMMEDIATELY..!

You, of the “trouble-making species”, need not apply for membership or log-on priveleges on this board.

Do you hear me..??

READ MY BEAK..! – NO MAS GATOS..! (that’s ‘No More Cats’ for you Gringos)

I AM ADMIN..! And I have spoken..! End of story..!

I know you know where I live, Calico, but my dad’s got a pellet gun, and he’s not afraid to use it…! Don’t make me ask him….

– Qwig


Oh MY! Quig’s lost it, it seems……

I apologize to all you felines out there. No need to get upset and cough up hair-balls all over your human’s home! No need even for hissing and spitting and getting all puffed up! This web site isn’t banning ANYONE or ANY GROUP just because Quigleyetta Poinsetta Feathers-Casey-Holman feels a bit threatened!

THIS web forum is open to ALL pets who have anything to say about Morgellons. Differences in diet, species, or opinion are all tolerated!

Please try to understand Quig’s really not herself. I hate to ‘out’ her, but she is sick, too. She was diagnosed as “Fly-Polar” some time back. According to her mom, she may also have “Irritable Fowl Syndrome”.

But what really was the last straw happened recently when she took samples of her feathers and quills to her veterinarian and that was considered to be a positive “Hatch-box sign”. Yep, she has now been diagnosed as having “Eggbomb’s syndrome”. She was okay for a while, but then refused to take her Oflap and, well….. you see what happened!

Poor thing’s become so paranoid she’s almost parakeet..!

Sooooo…… Let’s all try to work together! We’ve got an important job, you know! We’ve got to be there for our humans so they can work together to get vets interested and research done so we can be cured! (I’m so sick of being tired and itchy!)

BTW, my dad talked with Quigley’s folks. They say she’s still agitated, but better since they’re making sure she takes her “Flycotrophic” medicine.

– Sugar Baby Angel

Ah………………… “O – flap”

– mr. Ed


– mr. Ed

Well, looks like we’ve ‘turned the page’ and I have a few updates for everyone. With Qwig out of pocket these days, I’ve had my hands full processing all the new registrants. I do hope all of you are able to log-in now and post away..!

I’ll admit that I’m not a ‘wiz-pup’ on this internet stuff, but my dad has been helping me out a whole bunch and Qwig’s folks have also been a big help, so bear with me as I keep on learning this new job.

Now… for those of you who are interested, Qwig is doing much better, now that she’s back on her meds. And, in fact, she plans to return to the forum sometime next week. She did have a bit of ‘relapse’ on Thanksgiving Day – happens every year, something to do with ‘a great disturbance in the Avian Force’.

– Sugar Baby Angel


Allo..! Allo..! I am, how do you zay, ‘new’ here. Madamoiselle (zhe eez, as you zay, ‘my owner’) has zis deezeez and now zhe tellz moi, zat I have eet alzo..! I am ze Dandy Fab Four and I know zat my Englease is not zo goot. I am of ze breed called Papillon..! Ve are known for being ze proud lap dogz of ze court of Louis ze XIV.

I hope and pray zat ve can all find zee answers..! Madamoiselle, zhe ees so very, very zeeck with zis. Ve can no longer do the play catch for too many times. Zhe gets zo tired and has to do ze rest alot… and now… zo do I.

~ Dandy Fab Four ~


We have great news from Qwig’s folks..! She is doing much better and plans to return to her duties here on the Pet Forum in the very near future.

As it turns out, Qwig’s little melt down was NOT due to her being ill with anything. Over the Christmas holidays she became very obsessed with making a nest in the bottom of her cage. As you might imagine, her folks were quite curious about what she was up to..

Well, nine days of labor and three beautiful eggs later, Qwig was over her attitude and tending to her new clutch. Here’s a picture of Qwig and her triplets that her mom sent in. Aren’t they the cutest little darlings you ever did see..!

~ Dandy Fab Four ~

I believe their names are Pinky, Stinky and Spec (I hope I got that right). Don’t know anything about a hatch-day for any of them as yet, but Qwig’s mom said she would keep us informed of any progress.

Oh, my…! I just went back and read all those things I said about her… I hope she won’t be too upset with me for trying to explain her absence… oh, my… oh, my..!

– Sugar Baby Angel


Allo again..! K-Lee I muzt tell to you zhat my Madamoiselle (zhe eez called ‘Patti’) was zis “Morgie of ze Month” alzo..! Eef you look you vill zee her on zhat page.

I alzo vant to announze zhat my Madamoiselle, zhe has brought home to me a new leetle zister. I hope and pray zat ze leetle one will no get zhis deezeez from me or my Madamoiselle.

Zhe weighs only one of your ‘poundz’ and below eez a picture of ze leetle one.


Her name eez “Darcy”. Zo, ees zhe not just zo very, very cute..! Ve do lotz of ze run and play together until I muzt rest.

~ Dandy Fab Four ~


Hey there all you furry friends. My name is Miko and I’m actually a very laid back dude, so don’t let this ‘basket case’ look fool you. Mom makes us get into these ‘poses’ sometimes… we don’t mind… ’cause she’s a really cool mom. I used to have some ‘owners’ that kept me chained up all the time.. yeah, man, summer and winter..! It was pretty much a total bummer but then someone grabbed me and brought me here and mom untangled my coat and fed me real good munchies. Super cool to be living with such loving people now. They throw my tennis ball for me and I love to chase it…! That was something I never could have done with that chain around my neck.

Mom also writes some pretty groovy stuff about this gnarly disease and they put that on something called the Community page. Anyway, I’m gonna crash out for a while so I’ll let my sister tell you more of our story. Peace, dudes… and dudettes.


HOkay, I’m Mollybug and my bro up there is right on about Mom. She rescued me from something called a ‘puppy mill’ and I think that mean person got in trouble (the humans call it ‘busted’ – I think). I was really sick with the parvo when I got here, but mom stayed with me the whole time ’til I got better. Heck, I can swim now and chase Miko around – which isn’t fair cause he’s such a lazy dog… all the time with the naps and just layin’ around. Alot of times I’ll wake Miko up and lure him into some mischief, just to see his face when Mom catches us..! It’s hilarious, he’s standing there with a look that says, “huh..? but… but.. Molly said..” I get a big kick ouit of that.

Almost forgot to mention that our mom, Ali, is on that Morgie of the Month page too..! Along with our little human sister, Holly… (she’s the really cute one..!) We feel really special to be Ali’s “children with fur”… much love to all you guys..!

/- Miko & Mollybug -/

AnnaBelle & Beardsley

Hey everybody..!

We haven’t posted in a while, but just wanted to wish our best to Qwigley and those precious eggs..!

Also…. we are so proud of our human parents for being the Morgie of the Month…! I thought they were really cool lookin’ in those old timey costumes… boy, those were the good old days.

Hope all of you are doing well, and we’ll try to drop in more often,

— AnnaBelle & Beardsley —

Cutie Petutie

Hi Everyone, I am Cutie Petutie an Alaso Apso – mom calls me ‘Toots’ for short. Snow days in Wisconsin can be tough on us little furry critters!

I will soon be 5 years old and my mom has had Morgellons the whole time she has had me. I came down with it just before Christmas of 2006 but now in the spring of 2007 she has been able to get me over it

Here is how it all started and ended for me. I got really itchy and was rubbing the carpet and furniture and then scratching my hair out. Then my eyes got really itchy and mattery too and I began to rub at them with my paws and run my face around on the floor. My mom knew I was coming down with her disease and she took immediate action. She put drops of essential oil of Basil and Thieves mixed with some olive oil on the sores that were on my skin. She rubbed some into the pads of my feet and between the pads too. I hated this stuff. Then, when she got out of her Kleen & Free enzyme tub soak she put me in the tub at least once a week and made me stay there for 15 minutes all the while pouring the tub water all over me – head and all – I really hated that! She did not rinse me off but let the Kleen & Free water dry on me. Then, she takes long Far-Infared sauna treatments and puts me into it before it gets really hot because it is the rays that heal not the heat. I have to sit in that box with her for 20 minutes – she stays in it for an hour but she lets me get out before it gets really hot. She does it nearly everyday but I only had to do it about every 3rd day. I got better each month and within about 4 months all my symptoms went away. It might come back but my mom will be doing all this stuff to me again so I sure hope I stay well.

Cats cannot use these essential oils but they can go in the sauna and take the enzyme baths…hee, hee, they’ll LOVE that!

* Toots *


Hey, everyone..! I’m BAAACKKK..!

Sorry to be so out of pocket for so long, but I had this ‘egg’ thing goin’ on and it sort of took all of my time. Anyway, long story short… the eggs never would hatch. Bummer for me, I really wanted to raise some chicks..!

So, I’ve been catchin’ up on what’s been happening here and looks like Sugar Baby has done a great job in my absence. (I’ve PM’d you an “atta Girl”, so we’ll leave it at that) So, glad to see all the new pets who’ve signed on and I’ll try be more on the front line now that my that the eggs are gone

Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes and good vibes

– Qwig

P.S. Cutie, I’m not too sure about all this oils and enzymes and herbs and stuff. And I wouldn’t know Far Infrared from Near Infrared… but I’m glad you’re doing better..!

The Horses of Morgellons

We are the pets of a mom with Morgellons, we were spared this disease, our dog sister who lives at our moms house has it though.

We love when our mom comes and sees us and we help her get through this terrible disease, we dont know why we are spared from it, but we are glad our mom has us to comfort her. We take her riding and help her forget, at least for an a hour or so, about that bad disease.

Our mom says the outside of a horse, is good for the inside of a man.

And ‘yes’ this picture was from Christmas….. but we like it..!

<- just a couple of sympathetic horses ->


We decided to open up this page to anyone’s human parents whose pet has succumed to this disease.

It’s a bit sad but we felt it could be a good thing for all of us who’ve been going through a life with Morgellons Disease to pay tribute to our fallen pet comrades.

Peace and Love to all of you….

Pets and humans alike..!

– Sugar Baby Angel


Hi there, I’m Sinbad. Yes, the big 120 pound Akita in the middle of the picture. Those stuffed animals are all my friends. I used to play with them when I was still here. But, it appears that I got the disease around the same time that my beautiful lady owner got it. And after many trips to the vet they had to put me down. I know it was for my own good, but I do miss them a lot. I can still see my master’s face, right up close to mine, when the doc put me to sleep. We were nose to nose. I can still feel his gentle hands caressing my ears. We were only inches apart at the end. I could sniff his breath and feel the pain in his eyes as tears rolled down his face. But, it’s ok. I’m alright now. The maddening itching is finally over. I’m finally at peace.

~ Sinbad ~