Lone Star, TX 75668

Raphael B. Stricker, M.D.

Raphael B. Stricker, M.D.

San Francisco, CA

Sub-specialty training in internal medicine, hematology, and immunology. Board of Directors ILADS, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. Board of Directors CALDA, California Lyme Disease Association

Topic: “The Mystery of Morgellons”

Summary: Dr. Raphael Stricker reviewed a brief history of his involvement with Morgellons and compared the situation to the early years of the AIDS epidemic. He reviewed some of the clinical aspects of the disease and his belief that Agrobacterium species may be involved in some manner in the disease process. Thus far, research by Dr. Vitaly Citovski, Stony Brook Research Institute, has found PCR evidence of Agrobacterium in tissue samples of all Morgellons patients tested.

No evidence of the presence of Agrobacterium has been found in the control tissue samples. I believe it should be noted that Agrobacterium has the ability to insert its DNA into a variety of plant species, and has recently been noted to be the only known species of microbe capable of infiltration of the DNA of not only plant species, but animal species as well.

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