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Spouses of Morgellons Patients

Support for Spouses of Morgellons Patients


“So… loved one went and got a little delusional on ya, huh..?
Yeah… I hate it when that happens.”

Three Questions
I hear from so many Morgellons patients, “He thinks I’m nuts..!” Or, “She doesn’t believe me..!” And my all time favorite, “My whole family agrees that I’m delusional because the doctor said so..!” And I really do understand how difficult this situation can be. I’ve been through it.

My hope here is this: That I can somehow assist those who do not have this disease in understanding what their loved one is going through.

My first question to you is: “Does your loved one usually make up diseases that they have suddenly acquired..?”

If the answer to this question is “Yes”, then you’re on the wrong website and you should indeed seek out professional help for your loved one.

If, however, the answer is “No”, then maybe, just maybe, this loved one of yours, is experiencing the same thing thousands of others are reporting.

My second question to you is: “If your loved one has been diagnosed as ‘delusional’, what diagnostic tests were done to arrive at this diagnosis.?”

This is critical stuff here. And believe it or not, doctors are NOT always right..! A diagnosis of DOP is only delivered after extensive tests are done to rule out all other possibilities. In medicine it is referred to as a “diagnosis of exclusion”, meaning that everything else must first be excluded.

If the ‘diagnosis’ came from a dermatologist… well… let’s think about that… hmmmm… a skin doctor making a psychiatric diagnosis. (go ahead… think about it again…)

You should read here on Dr. Greg’s Page some advice for Morgellons patients seeing a doctor; either before or after the DOP diagnosis.

My third question to you is: “Do you really believe that ALL diseases have been discovered..?”

Perhaps you’re too young or don’t remember the ’80’s and thousands of sick and dying people who had what was initially referred to as ‘the gay cancer’. Without Rock Hudson’s illness (and ultimately his death) and Elizabeth Taylor donating millions for research, how long would it have taken for AIDS to be ‘recognized’..?