T.C.’s Success Story

T.C.'s Success Story

I am a 44 year old Female. I live in the Palm Springs area of Calif.., in the USA. I was infected in Dec. 2005, after my son came back from a camping trip. I was gardening next to where he kept his camping gear.

My whole family was infected, they were cured on their own, but I needed medications. I was much better after taking daily doses of ivermectin and antibiotics.

I still take my medication, if I stop the sores come back. I believe once my immune system is a little stronger I will be strong enough to fight off the morgellons on my own, as my family did! Have Hope!!! You will get better.

I was one of the worst cases of morgellons. My face and hands had looked like they were being eaten and my body was covered in sores. I thought at one point I was going to die, and had decided that it would be a merciful thing to happen, with the way things were going at the time. I am so much better, I feel Great! I still have the fuzzy stuff coming out of my skin, but it’s tiny compared to what it used to be. And I’m no longer afraid!!! I will beat this and so will you.

I pray a lot, I always have, and I believe God will help you like he helps me, if you pray with faith not fear! He knows your plight and he will answer you! This is what is helping me and I send it out to all with love and hope.

P.S. Sores on face and chest healed up fast with the application of beta dine. On a cotton swab dip into beta dine, dot onto sores- let dry totally! Repeat until you have about 5 coats thick. I did this every night until the sores disappeared. You’re all in my prayers to be cured!