The Carol Arledge Story

The Carol Arledge Story

Dear Morgellons Patients,

I have had Morgellons for over five years now. I have been in treatment for Morgellons and Lyme for almost four years. I am so much better. My mental function is vastly improved, and the lesions are greatly diminished in number. My antibiotic cocktails include Rocephin, Mepron, Minocycline, Zithromax, Flagyl, and others. I have had the greatest success in applying Colloidal Silver directly to my lesions. The healing time is drastically reduced.

My quality of life is so much better. The brain fog is vastly improved, ability to focus is almost normal. and my short term memory is improved. I still struggle with fatigue and unrestorative sleep (maybe I just invented a new word) but have learned to follow my body’s requirements instead of fighting them. On good days, I celebrate and enjoy what I am able to do to the fullest. On other days, I rest and try not to regret my inactivity. Ginger once told our Lyme recovery group that “your energy is like gold—spend it wisely.” Good advice, and I try to remember her words and apply them.

I am so grateful for the recovery I have made and try not to ever take it for granted. I believe that a large part of defeating this disease is in learning about its effects and diligently working on my attitude. Many people do not understand. This makes us feel alone and “different,” but we do not have to accept this. WE know it is real, and it is up to us to do our best to fight it with all possible weapons while accepting that our life can be GOOD even while it has become different. Yes, I have had to forever give up certain aspects of health and certain activities, but life is, in its essence, a process of change as we go from one period to another. I hope to glean the utmost from the place where I now find myself instead of wasting my remaining life by regretting what has passed on.

I am thankful for the blessing of the wonderful health care which I have received and I intend to keep fighting on for the very best recovery I can have. Perhaps we can all anticipate a day when research will afford us a readily attainable CURE. Until then, I am doing pretty darn well and so much better than I could have ever hoped when this miserable disease began.

Carol Arledge