Elizabeth Rasmussen, PhD

Clinical Psychology
Laramie, WY
Scientific Advisory Panel

Dr. Rasmussen recieved her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wyoming (UW). She has post graduate education in microbiology and immunology, also from UW. She is a member of the Wyoming Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, and past co-chair of the Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities and was appointed to the Wyoming Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Council by two governors. She has presented to the College of Health Sciences at UW, at the Wyoming State Health Conferences, at various health fairs, at the Wyoming Psychological Association Conferences, the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND), at the Black Hills VAMC Grand Rounds, and the Sheridan VAMC.

Dr. Rasmussen serves on the Scientific Advisory Panel of the CEHF. Dr. Rasmussen has a son who has been ill with Morgellons since 1995. She has done extensive research of the medical literature in effort to gain an understanding of why health care has failed to help those who are ill with Morgellons Disease. Her PPT presentation “Debunking DOP” can be found on the CEHF web site.