Peter Mayne, MD

GP Dermatologist
Laurieton NSW, Australia
Medical Advisory Panel

Dr. Peter Mayne is a GP Dermatologist with a large, active practice in Laurieton, NSW just north of Newcastle, Australia. He has been treating Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases for over 22 years in his current practice setting and is an honorary teaching associate at Cardiff University Department of Medicine (Dermatology). He is a pioneer in recognizing Morgellons Disease within Dermatology and in addressing it as a multi-systemic illness, not as just a skin issue.

Dr. Mayne joins our efforts with an optimistic outlook on the horizon. He has become a strong, positive force in educating his peers as well as all members of the medical community about Morgellons Disease. In 2011, Dr. Mayne gave a well-received presentation on Morgellons Disease at a Dermatological Medical Conference held in Cardiff, Wales, England. It is with renewed hope that combining his knowledge and expertise with others on our research team, we will soon prove to the world that Morgellons disease is a real physiological and debilitating medical condition with unique pathology.