Social Security Claims

Have you been diagnosed with Morgellons disease? You may be eligible for Social Security benefits. These payments can help you manage the expenses related to having this special illness.


Social Security has two disability programs, SSI and SSDI, to help with money if you’ve been diagnosed with a covered condition. Morgellons is not yet covered, but it may be worthwhile to apply if you’re experiencing difficulty working due to this disease.

Adults with Morgellons disease can apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) if they meet the strict income requirements. SSI is designed to aid low-income families. If your household earnings are too high, you may not be able to qualify for SSI disability benefits.

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is also available for adults who have been members of the workforce for 10 or more years and have paid into Social Security during that time. There are no income limits to qualify for SSDI benefits. It’s possible to apply for both SSDI and SSI.

Is Morgellons Disease in the Blue Book?

Morgellons isn’t listed in Social Security’s Blue Book, but you may still be eligible for benefits if you can prove that your condition is as severe as a listing condition. Section 8.00 in the Blue Book lists the following criteria that Social Security evaluates to see if you qualify for disability benefits.

  • The severity of your skin lesions.
  • The frequency of flare-ups of your skin lesions.
  • How your symptoms limit you.
  • The extent and effects of your treatment.

RFC Assessment

Even if you don’t meet a listing, having Morgellons can make it impossible to work. With this in mind, Social Security will also evaluate you using the RFC (Residual Functioning Capacity) assessment to find out if your impairments result in disability. This test will determine if you’re able to do your former job with the impairments caused by your illness. RFC analysis may reveal that you are able to do sedentary work even if you can’t perform as well in your former place of employment. If you’re unable to do sedentary work as a result from Morgellons disease, you should qualify for disability.

How to Apply for Benefits

To apply for SSI benefits, you’ll need to find your local Social Security Office and apply in person. To apply for SSDI benefits, you can apply online if you wish. For both, you’ll need to provide special information, so it’s best that you have it at hand.

  • Your date of birth, birthplace, and Social Security number.
  • Your bank’s routing number and account number if you want electronic deposits.
  • Contact information for someone (ideally a physician) who can help Social Security with your application and knows about your condition.
  • Contact information, patient ID numbers, and dates of treatment for all doctors, hospitals and clinics.
  • List of medicines you take and who prescribed them.
  • Names and dates of medical tests you’ve had and who referred you.

“Social Security Disability Help” is an independent organization that provides information about disability benefits for those with debilitating disease and conditions.

David W. Gibbs, MS, CDRP

David Gibbs has helped many Morgellons patients get approval for Disability through his courageous efforts. Although he is now retired, Mr. Gibbs’ made a lasting impact. Listen to him discuss Social Security Disability and Morgellons.