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The Lyme Controversy

The Quiet Epidemic just dropped on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vimeo. This riveting documentary takes viewers on a journey through the history of Lyme disease and shares how effective diagnosis and treatments have been stonewalled by the scientific community, the American healthcare system, and even the federal government.

Morgellons and Brain Fog

You just walked into the kitchen but can’t remember what you…

Why Does Morgellons Disease Make Me So Tired?

You’re trying to work, but the work isn’t happening. Concentration flits in and out, allowing you to only make mild headway on what you’re supposed to be doing. The dishes and the laundry are stacking up. You haven’t the energy to shower. You’re so tired. All the time. And you’ve been tired for weeks, maybe even months. 

Understanding Morgellons Arthritis

Morgellons disease’s hallmark symptoms include widespread slow-healing open sores and unusual-colored filaments found in the skin or protruding from lesions. However, the disease attacks a number of body systems, leading to an array of other difficult symptoms including overwhelming fatigue, muscle aches, heart problems, digestive issues, brain fog, and joint pain.

Finding A Doctor Can Be A Challenge For Morgellons Patients

Morgellons disease has enough in common with Lyme disease that finding a knowledgeable doctor can be difficult. But the cost of not finding one is even greater. 

Understanding the Connection Between Morgellons and Lyme

Morgellons disease is a complex skin disorder characterized by…

Clinical Diagnosis of Morgellons Disease

Medical professionals often misdiagnose Morgellons disease symptoms.…

What are Morgellons Fibers?

Patients with Morgellons disease make bizarre claims that unusual…

What Causes Morgellons Disease: Understanding Borrelia Spirochetes

Imagine you hire armed security guards because you just attained…

Morgellons Disease and Elusive Treatments: A Case Study

Finding suitable treatments for Morgellons disease has been perplexing…

How Do You Get Morgellons Disease?

The mainstream media and the medical community at large view…

Current Morgellons Disease Research: Understanding the Methods Used

Recent Morgellons disease research has found ample evidence that…

Is Morgellons Disease Real or Imagined? Discover the Truth

The internet is rife with opinions and theories about Morgellons…

Pi Ware speaks at 2020 Lyme Disease March

Pi Ware, director of documentary film “Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons” speaks at 2020 Lyme Disease March.